Housing Assistance Corporation, a non-profit organization through our Credit Remedy unit we can help you Correct and Restore your credit. The information that we are about to tell you about is very important and especially if you have credit issues, had credit problems in the past or just need to establish new credit.

Even if you have "Good Credit", we can show you how to turn that into GREAT CREDIT! With the use of our services or our kit financial freedom is your right, you can RESTORE or IMPROVE your credit! Yes, that's right, as a U.S. citizen YOU HAVE RIGHTS! You don't have to put up with non-justified "Credit Issues or Problems" any longer. Thanks to our services or the national Fair Credit service kit. You can do something about your credit and it’s Easy, Fast and Cheap!

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Our Services or our Educational Do-It-Yourself Credit Restoration Kit will show you Step-By-Step on how to dispute the negative credit on your credit report like an EXPERT! You can have us help you for minimal fees and expenses or you can just Do-It-Yourself.

We either do it for you or show you a very simple process of sending letters to the credit bureaus and Creditors!

Say "Good Bye" To Those Embarrassing Credit Rejection Letters

Whatever your situation may be... You Can Restore your Credit!

There is no other product on the market today that even comes close to what we do for you or what this kit has to offer.

If you have us help you with your issues or use the simple process of making the phone calls, sending letters, and follow the directions step-by-step, you will be amazed at your results!

The Law is on Your Side! You Have Rights!

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